Friday, May 21, 2010

I ran into me yesterday, headed down a road to nowhere.

“Where am I headed” I inquired?

“I didn’t know” I replied.

I asked me “where had I been?”

“Nowhere in particular” I said, “Why do I ask?”

“I was hoping I had more information than I did.” said me.

“I should ask me” I stated.

“Well, if I don’t know then I sure don’t” I responded.

“Why am I headed down a road to nowhere?” I said.

As I walked away from me I thought “Now there is a question I know the answer to”…

Friday, March 19, 2010

The 95% rule...

This "imbecile" is going to expound on what my eldest sister and I refer to as the 95% rule. The 95% rule states that 95% of the population are morons/jerks/sycophants/hypocrites/whatever noun you choose to use as a descriptor for someone that displeases and/or disappoints you, ie idiots.

Now, this may sound a little harsh coming from someone as mild mannered and beneficent as you all know me to be but, it is a cold hard truth. Deal with it.

The beauty of the rule is that we all, at some point of most days, fit snugly within said 95%. Now I know what you are saying to yourself. "I" (meaning you) obviously fall occasionally into that category but how on earth could "you" (meaning me) even consider the fact that "you", in any way, fall into said 95%. And it's true, the vast (like the universe is vast) majority of the time I fit into the
0.000000000142857143% rule. If you haven't figured it out, that is the percentage of me to the rest of the 7 billion of you. But occasionally, and I stress occasionally, even this most humble author falls into said 95%.

The beauty of the situation is that now that you have been informed of the 95% rule you can alter your behavior so as to only occasionally fall out of the decent 5% of people. It is a rare (and by saying rare, let me once again tout my humility) person who can permanently reside outside of the 95% rule. But just by trying, that puts you somewhere close to breaking free.

As always...The pleasure has been all yours...Have a wonderful day!

Inherently innocuous...

An architect may design the aesthetics of an object, but it is the engineers of that project which find the solutions to the design -- Ecnal Drawde Ttobba

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I know not...

I am willing to concede the fact that I know very little (when compared to all there is to know). I am willing to concede that I have (on occasion) been wrong in the stance I have chosen to take. I am even willing to concede that I will (at some point) be wrong again. But, let me say this. I believe that a "conservative" view of this here world is probably the best way to get what is best for you. Notice, I did not say, "to get what you want". I said, " to get what is best for you".

I am not a republican. I will rarely "toe the line" with the republican "party". Chances are I will occasionally be in agreement with the democratic "party". I believe that the current "party" system, along with the current state of "term limits" in this country is counter-productive to the continuing advancement of the state. But, the fact is, if you don't drink, don't smoke, aren't promiscuous, don't lie and don't cheat your neighbor, you will probably (and I stress "probably") live a healthier, happier life. " That is the very definition of "conservatism".

Let me be frank for a moment. I do not believe that Sean Hannity (or his ilk) are the answer to what ails America. As a matter of "fact", I believe that what Sean Hannity (and his ilk) are all about is of significant detriment to America. He is an exclusioner. He is someone that is completely intolerant of anything that doesn't fit into his "definition" of what "American life" should be.

We are all "unique" individuals. This does not mean we have no "common" ground. I truly believe that at our "basest" impulses we are conservatives. Let me qualify that statement. As "you" relate to "you" and "yours" do you believe "you" and "yours" should ultimately be responsible for their actions? Now, don't look at this as you have been conditioned to look at it by the liberals of society (can you say Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid?). Look at it like you look at your children or how you look at your friends and acquaintances as individuals. Do you believe that they should "ultimately" be responsible for their own actions? Of course you do. We all do. We all believe that we should benefit from the positives or reap the detriments that our actions bring upon us.

I will request your pardon (my leave) with these questions. Do you believe that you should be excused from the actions that have brought you to the place you are in life? Remember, this includes the positives and negatives. Do you believe that someone else should have to pick up the "slack" for your inabilities, and therefore, on the flip side, reap the rewards for your abilities?

Just something to ponder...Have a wonderful day!